Kiteboarders, kitefoilers and windsurfers.


Stop by the houston kiteboard shop and pick up a couple of sandbags

fill them up at mosquito point and bring them down to the kiteboard beach.

Every time you come out fill one up..

Time to help make our launch site help.

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This week we are working on the rocks at the water. NEED HELP filling sand bags and improving the walk in and out area. I will be there 9am today working on it and rest of the week , give me a call i

I want to thank everyone who came out to demo kites over the weekend.

We have an upcoming Demo with Ocean Rodeo coming up April 23-24th Where: Levee Riding Area Texas City, TX When: April 23-24th 10am-6pm Who: Ocean Rodeo with Houston Kiteboarding What: Rise, Flite, Cra