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Menu 1 hour lessons Members only

  1. Water start 1 foot pop on.

  2. Launch kite loop.

  3. Beginning jumps

  4. Heel pop to toe side and back to heel.

  5. Riding toe side

  6. Board grabs

  7. Jump 1 foot kick

  8. Toe side jumping and landing

  9. Front roll

  10. Back roll

  11. Back roll transition

  12. Bar hold hangman

  13. Hand side

  14. Wing foil

  15. Kite foil

See Todd or Chris for booking or more info.

This week

Cutting grass, trying to dry it out and get rid of mosquitos

Starting to get some dirt this week, do some filling in and make more parking.

There is water at the front gate area if you need to rinse anything off

And we got our second port o putty back .

March 9 - 15 I will be camping out, so make plains to come out and stay the night or nights BBQ, drink ,camp fire , Phil and family will also be here.

I will be bringing horses out on the 11th and 12th so bring your kids, take pics ride...

Saturday Kite clinic 11am to 1 pm

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All members need to sign the club waiver, please click on club waiver tab and sign...

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