Weekend report

Another great weekend at HKC , wind on Saturday held up in the 20 plus mph

Alot of riders were getting some nice air whoop whoop. Blair went out for the first time in big wing 25 ish and did a great job.

Sunday winds were good in the morning but faded by noon, However Alex instead of packing up he try to kitefoil for the first time, a lot of falling at first but started to taxi and then popping up on foil for short rides. wind 9 to 12 mph.

9-12 mph winds are great for learning to wing or foil , more ride time and a great way to increase your skills.

Things to address

Slow down when driving in and out of the park

If you see trash, broken bottles or anything that should be pick up, please help.

Launch pads if the turf has moved or rolled grab a couple people and pull it back in place.

All the parking post have hooks for hanging your on and bottle openers too

I will be adding more parking on the north side and get post up there too.

I will be adding rv pads on the north end by the water front and running the water lines hoping to get this all done before Christmas

Nov 28 slingshot will be in town 4 days make sure you come out..

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Check out wind tab / all setup, wind meter is at middle of the park.. live wind no more guessing.